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Cooking for a Crowd on Mac n‘ Cheese Night

I’ve told you before how my daughter is in love with the Marie Callender’s Vermont White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese. She eats exactly two kinds of mac n’ cheese: the kind at Ikea and Marie Callender’s. She won’t even eat my homemade mac n’ cheese. Needless to say, we eat the Vermont White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheese fairly often. I love it myself, so I end up making it almost every week!

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Around the Dinner Table: Three Good Things

With such a busy family schedule, we try hard to make the most of the time we are able to spend together. Dinner is a very important time for my family to come together and find out about each other’s days and connect in person. Years ago we started doing “Three Good Things” during family dinners, which really helps us share and stay tuned in.

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