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How to Plan the Best Birthday Parties

Families love to celebrate, and birthdays are certainly a great occasion to do so. This week, my youngest granddaughter celebrated the big “1.” Her mom and dad wanted to make sure her day was special, and they went to a lot of trouble to assure their princess had a great party.

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Creating Memories: How to Coordinate Monthly Get-Togethers

I am very lucky to have much of my family close by. Even though we live in the same city, sometimes life gets a little hectic and we do not see each other as often as we would like. We solve this problem by planning monthly get-togethers. Here are some tips for planning monthly friend and family get-togethers.

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Precious Memories

If someone asked me what one event was the most shocking of my life, I know what it would be. When I was 36 years-old my husband and I learned that we were expecting twins. We were so shocked when the doctor broke the news neither of us spoke for several minutes. After I found my voice I asked him if he could tell if they were boys or girls. “Most definitely boys,” he said with a laugh.

We went home and prepared to tell our three older children that they would soon have two new brothers. Rachel, our only daughter, didn’t like being even more outnumbered than she already was. “Can’t the doctor make at least one of them a girl?” she pleaded. We explained to her as best we could that it was too late for that and she eventually decided that being the only princess in the house might not be a bad thing; at least she didn’t have to wear hand-me-downs like her brothers.

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