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Easy Family Craft: Frozen Sun Catchers

Whenever you eat pie, what do you do with the pie plate afterwards? It occurred to me recently that pie plates can be used for many things and recently we decided to make frozen sun catchers with them.

It’s an easy family craft  that provided lots of laughs, smiles, and memories, which is my favorite kind of project!

We filled up pie plates with decorations. Then, we used a variety of things including colorful cereal, sprinkles, beads, birthday candles, and holiday shaped confetti and decorations.

We took ribbon and draped it into the water and over the edge of the pie plate.

Next, since we live in Cleveland where it’s been quite cold, we put the sun catchers outside, but if you live in a warm environment just pop them in the freezer.

After a couple of hours we checked on the sun catchers and were happy to see they had solidified.

Removing them from the pie plate was a bit tricky but once we got them out they were beautiful!

We were all amazed at how the ice captured the sunlight and sparkled. The bursts of color were beautiful.  The customizations each member of the family added to their sun catcher really gave them personality.

This project was so simple that we can’t wait to try it again. I’d love to try them sometime with evergreens and holly berries for the holidays and other seasonal elements throughout the year. It’s a neat way to add a creative décor element to our yard and one the kids enjoy helping with.

If you live in a warmer region, you can still make this creative decoration, it just may not be around as long!

So the next time you enjoy one of Marie Callender’s Frozen Pies and are looking at an empty pie plate, don’t toss it; take a few minutes to make something beautiful!

Easy Family Craft


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