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Its a Snow Day: Fun Snow Activities for Kids

As a kid, one of my favorite ways to wake up was having my mom crack open my bedroom door and announce, “It’s a snow day!” I’d bury my head under the covers for a few more minutes and then head downstairs all smiles, ready to plan a fun day with my sister.

We’d eat our breakfast, enjoy a few TV shows (the ones that were only on while we were in school) and then bundle up and head outside to build snowmen, forts and have a snowball fight or two. Once we got cold enough we’d head back inside and warm up with hot chocolate. Then we’d look at the clock and realize it was only 10 am.

What would we ever do with ourselves the rest of the day?

Eventually we’d clamor around our mom, “What can we do?” and “We’re booored.” Now that I’m a mom, I’ve already had my kids asking me the same questions and we haven’t even had a snow day yet!

I wanted to be prepared this winter, so I put together a collection of fun snow activities that are sure to keep kids busy and parents smiling.

Get OutsideEvery snow day must start with a few of the classics: build snowmen and snow forts, have a snowball fight and make snow angels. Capturing these moments on camera is sure to provide many memories in the years to come and photos in the snow always seem to come out beautifully without much effort.

 Make Snow Ice Cream – Making snow ice cream is easy and so much fun. It could be called a science project and a kitchen experiment all in one! Simply gather eight cups of snow, one can of sweetened condensed milk, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Mix it all together in one large chilled bowl and serve immediately in individual bowls. You could even add a little bit of chocolate milk or powdered drink mix to create a variety of flavors. Be prepared for lots of smiles and memorable moments!

Frozen Bubbles & Snow Painting – Bundle up warmly and head outside to use homemade or store bought bubble solution and blow bubbles. Catch a few on the end of your wand and watch as they freeze. They may even roll around on the ground if it’s cold enough!

“Spray paint” the Snow — Fill a few spray bottles with water and food coloring and then spray paint the snow. Watch as the colors blend together to make new colors and designs. Be sure to bring your camera out for both these activities to snap a few photos to preserve these frozen works of art.

Photograph & Examine Snowflakes – Put pieces of black construction paper in the freezer. Once they are “frozen” take them outside and catch snowflakes on them and then snap away or take a closer look with a magnifying glass. The cold temperature of the paper prevents the snowflakes from melting right away and the black color makes them stand out beautifully.

Make a movie – Have fun playing pretend and recording it all on video. For little ones, simply have a dance party and then get ready for their laughter as they watch the playback. For older children, have them work together to make a movie. They could write a script, memorize lines or simply wing it…whatever gets everyone in the mood, working together and having fun! Once it’s ready, grab a mug of hot chocolate, cuddle up on the couch and enjoy the film together. Even better, warm up by rounding out your snow day with a delicious Marie Callender’s pot pie!

Enjoy the day and stay warm!

What about you? What do you like to do on a snow day?

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